About Sprive

It all comes down to fit. The key to long-term health and wellness is finding a routine that works for you. From your schedule to your budget, fitness has to fit your lifestyle. Sprive is committed to making high-quality, well-designed, active-lifestyle accessories that maximize value and support your wellness journey.

At Sprive, we strive to build in the following key features and benefits into all of our products:


Fitness accessories should support your workout, not hinder or distract from it. Sprive products are durable, reliable, and versatile to meet the performance needs of novice-to-intermediate fitness levels.


Fitness accessories play an important role in the lives of our customers, and we take that responsibility seriously. To ensure high-quality products, we source durable, non-toxic materials, avoid cutting corners, and use socially-conscious manufacturing processes whenever possible.


With so many athletic-accessory brands to choose from, thoughtful design is essential. The smallest detail can make the difference between a good product and
a product you can’t live without. At Sprive, we analyze every part of every accessory to make sure it looks sharp, feels good, and maximizes its functionality.


It can be hard to work fitness into a busy daily routine;
it shouldn’t be hard on your wallet, too. Our accessories are easy investments for the fitness enthusiast who likes to keep an extra in the car.